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Sunday, February 9, 2014

OK...You can stick around a while yet

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I am burnt out on winter.  Or at least I was until tonight.  On the way home, I took a detour down Denzer road.  We have some land for sale on this 2 mile long stretch of road in the county.  As I passed by one of my favorite views, I paused for a look.

I grabbed the camera and walked across the open field to where I could get an unobstructed view and the peacefulness of it all with the quiet winter night closing fast helped make this unending polar vortex of a season seem a bit better.  With a view like this, old man winter can stick around a while yet.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Oh for humidity and the smell of fresh cut grass

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Ok....I know it is only January, I know in Australia it is summer right now, I know in Florida it may be in the 60's, But how about the Midwest?  I woke up, looked outside and went back to sleep to dream of the late afternoon last summer when I watched the free spirits of youth swinging on the perfect tree, with the musty smell of cut grass at the end of an 85 degree day.

I have never wanted to travel into the future to see what is in store but I long to travel to the past....reliving the best moments of my life.  I guess I just have a hard time dealing with reality.  High of 16, not a color out my window other than brown.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas!

From our house to yours, we hope you have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas with family and friends.  This is also a great time to reach out to those who are not as fortunate and share the season with them as well.

(if you look real close as might see someone you recognize!)

Dan and Karen

Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Play of Light

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It is a play of light.  Painting or photography....light and shadows for the image .....without light and shadow, there is nothing to frame our point of reference.  Snow is one of the best performers when it comes to the dance of light and shadow.

Today was our first major snow of the season and it was one of those postcard snows.  Cold crisp air cleans out the cobwebs and compliments the Christmas season like a warm fire and your favorite glass of spiced wine.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Thanksgiving Season

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A departure from Paris for a posting today.  This time of year always bring me back to my roots.  I was born and raised here in southern Indiana and although I love the exotic places I have been fortunate enough to visit....home always provides that anchor to return to...that place where you know what is around the corner.  Whether you are in small town America or living in a loft looking out over Central Park in New York City....I hope you get the chance to enjoy home, wherever that may be....during the Thanksgiving Season.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Notre Dame....Queen of the Gothic Cathedrals

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Thanks to a follower of the blog....Adrian.....he mentioned that I read "Pillars of the Earth", knowing that I liked the history behind the great cathedrals of Europe.  Wow, what a book as well as it's sequel...World without End.  I will pass along Adrian's suggestion....if these massive works of art built in the middle ages amaze you as they do me....please do yourself a favor and tackle the mammoth 800 page Pillars of the Earth.  You won't be able to put it down.

Notre Dame on the Seine in Paris is probably the best known Gothic Cathedral.  I can't hardly get my head around the fact that it took over 800 years to build this magnificent edifice.  8 or 9 generations of masons, carpenters and architects worked on this cathedral.  Meaning that many of the builders did not get to see the finished product.

As with so many of the great cathedrals, gargoyles protect the church from the invasion of evil spirits.  These sentinels have stood watch for over 900 years from their lofty perches.   Being able to visit Notre Dame and stand within it's walls was one of the most memorable highlights of our European trek that summer.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lovers - Lasting Statement

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One of our lasting impressions of Paris, the city of love were the locks.  Locks of every kind and every size....locks from a grocery store.....expensive locks from locksmiths.....padlocks......combination locks and the stories they told.

Once when having lunch at a nearby cafe, our water asked us if we had we had been to Le Pont des Arts yet???  No we hadn't.  "Be sure to visit before you leave Paris", he said.  Merci Monsieur.....and we were on our way.

There are several bridges crossing the Seine river that cuts directly through Paris...separating the left bank from the right bank.  Each bridge has a special story behind it.  Napoleon's bridge, Henri the 4th's bridge, and the Place de la Concorde bridge across from the Orsay Museum.  I had heard about the Pont des Arts (Bridge of the Arts) before.  Often there are outdoor art exhibits on the walking bridge allowing visitors to stop and admire the artist's selections.  But this was not about an art was about statements of love.

As we approached the bridge it was late afternoon and sun reflected off of something along the siderails of the bridge.  From a distance it looked like jewels sparkling in the sunlight.

Along several of the bridges crossing the Seine, Parisians began a custom a few years ago that continues to this day...unique among the cities I have been to.

Here is the story:  If you are in a relationship, the bridge gives you a chance to make a lasting statement about your lover.  Buy a padlock, make your statement in permanent ink with a sharpie on the padlock, take it to one of the bridges crossing the Seine and permanently attach it to the side rail of the bridge.  Then toss the key into the water below signaling a lasting commitment.  However, if the relationship has not yet flowered or has become a bit "iffy" instead a combination lock and attach it.  That way if in fact the relationship heads can always return and with the right combination remove the lock and none will be the wiser.  Leave it to the Parisians to even bring love to the siderail of a bridge....maybe that is where the phrase "Love is in the air" came from?

Anyway, I know there will always be a piece of me in Paris on Le Pont des Arts.