Friday, December 19, 2008

Dip the wick in the beeswax, let it cool and dip again for 25 times. Such a simple action can produce light without electricity or dependence on anyone. Beeswax candles hearken back to a time when one lived with what could be made from materials at hand...beeswax, flax, straw, wool, wood and lye from wood stove ashes. To me the most eloquent of all however is the simple candle. Candles lit the corners of the one room schoolhouse...the bedsides of children afraid of the dark...the small plank floored room where couples spoke in whispered tones uninterrupted by the seduction of modern conveniences. What other than a candle brings to mind both Romance and Utility?


Simply Heather said...

Nice, Dan. Your writing reminded me of the stories my dad shared with me of his youth. He grew up in the heart of the South, where the twang of southern speach sprang from their tongue. He grew up near Macon, Georgia.

He would spend many nights at his grandparents farm where the candle was most definately a friend to keep close by.

Thanks for reminding me :o).

Dan Felstead said...

Same experience parents spent their early years without electricity and even into the the first couple of years of their marriage. I have heard the stories about the "ice" box where the Icebox was actually a box to hold ice to keep things cold. I actually enjoy it when our electricity goes out...sort of gives you a whole new perspective and gives you a chance to do things like read. When the computer is running, the TV is on, the phone is ringing...seems to take away those special times.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

So very true. Candles can do so much. You have not only a knack for taking pictures for writing about them as well.
You take me back in time with your writings of warm and special times. Thank you.

Dan Felstead said...


I am glad that you can jump into my images. That is what I am attempting to do...give the reader a base to start from and then let the picture create an experience from the viewers points of references.