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Thursday, January 15, 2009

There have been thousands of pictures taken of the Hancock in Chicago. But from this vantage point, I did not see a building. As I framed the exterior support beams running the length of the behemoth, it occurred to me that this is what a bee surely feels like when it returns to the hive. It swarms with activity, each has a particular function, a whole life is spent to support the hive. If there was only a realization that there is another whole existence outside the hive...of course - the hive doesn't share that view.


From Athena's Desk said...

Wow... i'm speachless. Those pictures are AMAZING!

Dan Felstead said...

Thank you Rachel and welcome to the blog! My images are no different than 1000s of other on the web...the difference may just be that I am very passionate about photography, writing and relaying the feelings present at the time I took the photos.


Sunny said...

it's a spectacular hi-tech hive. I love the epithet you've used, it's so true.

Dan Felstead said...


Sounds like you have been there! I have as well...I worked for the "HIVE" for too long!


~ Denise ~ said...

Oh, and how I don't miss the hive! lol ;) I love how you caught the almost makes the building Frank Lloyd Wright'ish.

The Muse said...

in a way...we all are little bees... :)

nicely illustrated.