Tuesday, January 20, 2009

To the visitors of my blog today from outside the United States, allow me the one day to speak of dreams and hopes for the future in the USA. Once every 4 years we usher in a new leader and direction for our country. This particular year a new milestone has been reached. The election of the first African-American to lead our country. African-Americans have held prominent posts in our leadership in the past but never as President. Whether we agree with the new direction or not, we all wish our new president success in his next four years. A successful president will benefit us all. Godspeed Barack Obama and may God’s protection and wisdom follow you during all the days of your Presidency.

Today is a day of celebration…tomorrow back to the photos and narratives!



_we_the_pieces_ said...

Good luck Barack Obama!!!

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks for the visit and I echo your comment.


Karrie said...

A day of change and hope! We need it. Good luck to Obama and to every American out there!!

Simply Heather said...

Great thoughts shared. I also love what you wrote at Pictures, Poetry & Prose today!

I was looking over my site and saw a follower that I hadn't seen before...when I placed my pointer over the person...SURPRISE - it was you ;o).

Nice photo...it looks like a chilly background but you don't look cold.

Oh..btw, did your wife ever get to make those tarts?

♥ to you both

Sunny said...

These are going to be interesting four years!

Dan Felstead said...

The recipe is printed out and laying out in a prominent place...reminding my wife daily...I hope she gets the hint!
I replaced my picture because the one I was using was too dark. The glacier in the background on this one makes it stand out a bit more. As you look at a map of Alaska, the glacier was located on the Kenai Peninsula at the southern tip out from Sewward Bay.

Dan Felstead said...


Interesting indeed!