Monday, February 16, 2009

Arriving at the fair, the wheel stood above everything else. Eventually I found myself at the base looking up into the early night sky contrasting the unknown future with the present.

Watching, as I often do, the youthful couples in line for the ride, I could see the shyness, uncertainty and awkwardness of first attempts...stepping out of mom and dad's umbrella into the world of others.

I was 16 again. Just received my drivers license and the freedom of stepping out on my own. There was the smell that grass releases when stepped on by so many feet in the town square. The first nip of Autumn in the air. The nervousness and fear of being turned down. The first of many times in my life where stepping out my "zone" meant taking the chance that I would be rejected...a skill that is only learned by trial and error. Sometimes you win...sometimes you loose. The youth in line had taken that risk and you could see the relief in their faces...she/he will go with me on the ride! Arriving at the end of the ramp, they stepped into the pod...a sanctuary that for a few brief moments gave the excuse to steal a hug or hand clasp under the auspices of helping to lessen the fear of the ride.

The ride was much more than a "ride" was the portal to a brave new world.


_we_the_pieces_ said...

'The ride was much more than a "ride" was the portal to a brave new world.'
I love that. And it is soooooo true. I really like the whole thing today. I was having a carnival obsession after that prompt on Pictures Poetry and Prose, and this picture is soo perfect. The writing really captures the mood and feel of the moment.
Wonderful job!!!!!!!!!

Dan Felstead said...


You made my day! It is encouraging that one of my posts strikes home with you since we are of different generations by a few decades! It re enforces the truth that no matter what generation, we all must go through the same trials by fire.
Thanks again for your comment...truly appreciated.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Yes, through to a far more interesting carnival!

Contest Chris said...


Sunny said...

Dan, your ability to turn usual things into legends and myths is awesome. Thank you.

For blue skies. said...


Dan Felstead said...

Thanks for your kind words For Blue Skies