Tuesday, February 10, 2009

If there were comedians in the butterfly world, this guy would be the Conan O'Brien of butterflys. Disheveled, a little quirky but hard to resist! From the eyes to the scraggly wings...just not your ordinary multicolored beauties we normally see in our gardens. However, just like in our human relationships, it takes all kinds both the beauty on the outside and beauty on the inside.

If I were a butterfly, I would like to have a beer with this old curmudgeon and listen to his stories about how he fought in the war, survived the harsh winter of '32...you know the routine. He has seen more in his short life than I ever will.


Ian Buchan said...

Yes, butterflies; as akid I attended a very nice primary school out of town. The school had extensive gardens, a bit unkempt but marvellous for little boys. We saw many of the exotic swallowtail and black and yellow butterflies that were abundant in this part of South Africa. Huge hairy-legged spiders in sticky webs were a great attraction. The principal was keen on letting his boys find things out for themselves, it was a great time. Sadly, I think the increased use of chemical pesticides has affected the insect population, I don't see quite so much insect and bird life at my suburban apartment any more.

Dan Felstead said...

The "hairy legged spiders in sticky webs" is an unsettling vision for me! I have two fears...electricity and spiders because I don't know anything about either...fear of the unknown I guess.