Thursday, February 12, 2009

Last summer, I stopped by a Water Lilly bed nestled among the cattails and water grass in a secluded pond. As I looked on, it became clear to me that for humans it was secluded but not for the woodland creatures. Quite a gathering place it was. It was as if I was looking out the window of an airplane gazing down at a busy international airport. Activity coming and going...some for a brief visit and others staying, exploring. Even a sparrow now and then landed on the brown/ green helipads to gather up unsuspecting visitors. The dragonflies with their hovering abilities would watch from afar and then swoop in and land only to be chased off by a passing bumble bee. The serene and pastoral beauty of nature's flower garden, quiet and peaceful though it seemed was awash with the juxtaposition of creatures both flying and crawling among their comfortable surroundings.


Sunny said...

these flowers are not a photograph, they are a canvas.

Dan Felstead said...

I agree. Some images are more well suited for canvass with an artist's own interpretation rather than the mechanical reproduction of a photograph. When I see those types of images, I try to reproduce them as if they were a canvass. Having no skills as an artist with paints and canvass, I try to recreate that feeling with a camera. It never satisfies just can't recreate artistic interpretation on a canvass. I just try to get as close as I can and have to live with it.