Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not the normal image of a clown hiding behind the mask of anonymity etc. etc. etc.

As I watched this vagabond move through the crowd, he seemed unsure of his role in life...not really connecting with anyone...just wandering. Other than the bright red nose, he did not have the normal trappings of his trade...the over sized shoes, the baggy pants, suspenders, white greasepaint, Harpo Marx bicycle horn. Just the bright red nose.

He turned to cross the street and we passed each other, making eye...shutter contact along the way. Once the picture was taken, he meekly smiled, nodded his head in an affirming gesture and disappeared into the masses. For a while I could see his hat over the tops of the crowd until he stepped behind the ring toss booth.

Not sure he was a clown. Sometimes in my paranoia, I even wonder if others saw him. It seemed as though his path through the crowd, then directly past me with a nod of acknowledgment and out of sight was meant just for me. I will be looking for him next year, same place...I want to talk to him.


Simply Heather said...

I know exactly what you're saying, Dan and I believe because you felt that way...the passing meeting was meant just for you. Why? I can't tell you we dig within ourselves and ask, the answer will come eventually.

You are talented, Dan. Your thoughts and photos coincide wonderfully :o)

This reminds me of my honeymoon week. My husband and I went to a local museum, just out of town. As we searched the history of an old railroad car, there was an older man in it as a guide. He had a twinkle in his eye, commented vaious times of my husband and I and our marriage...of our lasting years together and that he'd see us again some day :o). He made my heart smile just looking at him, Dan. A precious man.

Thank you for reminding me of him.

Simply Heather said...

ooops - various times ;o)

I couldn't just let it go, ya know?

And..when he said that he'd see us again some day...he didn't say that he hoped he would...he said that he'd see us on our 50th anniversary. Isn't that something?

I was journaling back then, I should dig it out and share it on a post sometime.

Dan Felstead said...

When those moments happen...we tend to keep them to ourselves for fear of what others may think...but I'm certain that just as you said, it has happened to many if not all of us. Hard to sort out what it may mean?? I hope you see this person on your will be interesting!


~ Denise ~ said...

Such a well-written, almost haunting piece, Dan. And, your One Minute today was fabulous! I loved it. ;)

Dan Felstead said...
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Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Denise,
How is your recovery going?

The OMW piece today was a frustrating one...I didn't know how to end it!


The Muse said...

I believe that we can indeed be given moments of vision of inner and outer sight that is for our eyes, our hearts, our souls only.

Dan Felstead said...

Your back! Thanks for stopping by again...everyone was wondering what happened to you!