Tuesday, March 10, 2009

12:30 am - Chicago
A driving rain had set in which made for a slow trip home. Each returning to the place where they began their day 18 hours ago. Some returning after a business dinner with clients, others after a late night rendezvous. Each life effected by the days events, only to return tomorrow and begin anew.

For others on a different life schedule than I, the day is just beginning. Nocturnal creatures are alive and well in the human species as well as the animal kingdom. From time to time, dark figures yielding black umbrellas jog the crosswalk. Do they have a destination or are they just trying to get in out of the rain? Just before the picture was taken, a lone figure made the crosswalk...slow pace, no umbrella...pushing his home in a grocery cart...my guess...headed nowhere. Where will he sleep? Is anyone waiting for him to return home? What did his life look like 10 years ago?

Down the elevator, onto the street to the crosswalk looking both north and south...I sought out the grocery cart. He had already melted into the night.


DawnTreader said...

Recently found you blog and I love the way you combine photos and text. It's very inspiring.

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks DawnTreader,
I have seen your postings on OMW and enjoyed them as well. Thanks for visiting.


_we_the_pieces_ said...

Chicago is the best!
I love the reflections of the light on the ground.
Very nice. And the yellow flag outside of what I'm assuming is the front of the hotel. It caught my eye. I like pictures of the cities quite a lot.

If I tried to follow the grocery cart here, I'd get lost in the sea of grocery cart houses. It's quite saddening to see all of these people without homes, but everyday, I do.

I really liked todays!

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks for your perspective living in a much larger city than I do. I am torn between urban landscapes and rural more pastoral landscapes. The rural nature give me a sense of tranquility and serene peace when I am in the moment taking the picture but the urban scenes find me almost an adrenaline rush, intriguing and curious. I enjoy both opportunities to photograph for different reasons.


Sunny said...

You seem to capture the view from my window.

Dan Felstead said...

I know from your blog that you have moved back into your apartment...is it in downtown Saint Petersburg?