Sunday, March 1, 2009

The old brownstone has graced this street in Boston for years. It has been updated for modern use but still blends well with the Boston's historic heritage. However, the winding serpentine balconies caught my eye.

Just as our home is a reflection of ourselves...balconies are an extension of our selves for the outside world to see. I have often seen balconies full of spring flowers, bicycles, lounge chairs, astronomical telescopes on their massive tripods...items telegraphing to the outside world our present life path...children, single, married...often so obvious by observing how the precious balcony real estate is used.

Newly remodeled, the balconies of the old brownstone are still void of personalities. Revisit in a year and delight in the insight to the lives within so lovingly portrayed for us to see.


_we_the_pieces_ said...

that's an interesting insight. i've never thought of that, but it makes total sense. those are really cool balconies, but the railings look to be at a good falling height... (:

Dan Felstead said...

Good Morning Molly,
I have always thought it interesting that someone can step out onto their balcony and since it is part of their condo or apartment...they feel as though it is private when in fact it is open to the world!