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Friday, March 20, 2009

With the renewed interest in the you tube sensation - The lion Named Christian...a lion that was purchased in the 70's from a department store, raised by two guys and released to the wild...I thought I would show the other side to non domesticated animals...animals that as cuddly as they seem, are meant to remain among their own.

While visiting the St. Louis Zoo, I was photographing two very cute docile bears. At a moment's notice without provocation, the bears exploded into a savage fight with each other. A reminder to me that some animals are not meant to be man's partner even though their strength, beauty and agility demand admiration. They remain part of the natural world apart from us, living their lives as nature intended. Although, Nature probably did not intend for them to be in a Zoo.


boneman said...

But, here in the USA, Europe, China and Russia.... it seems that they think that prisons are a natural occurance.

Jen said...

Agreed. Even as ardently as I support animal rights (non abuse) I believe that includes keeping them in nature, where they are meant to live. That lady in the States who had that chimp that attacked her friend - well that lady should have NEVER had the chimp in the first place.

Dan Felstead said...

Boneman and Jen,
I have always been torn because I love to visit the animals in a zoo but in my heart, I know they should be in their own element.