Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I just posted the Old House photo below but wanted to make a couple of announcements as well. Tomorrow we will have our first guest poster! I posted on her site today and she is returning the favor tomorrow. I'm not telling who it is but I venture to say that she is someone several of us know!

Secondly, I would like to continue the idea of guest posting on the blog. I get so much enjoyment out of posting photos that mean a lot to me and it occurred to me that each of us has a photo...that means a lot to us. Why should I have all the fun? I would like to offer to anyone, the opportunity to guest post on my blog with a photo and narrative about the photo. The quality of the photograph is not important...what is important is that it personally means a lot to you. It may be a child, an event, a special place in time...anything that you are passionate about. I will provide links to your blog if you want and give a brief bio.

If you are interested, I will make Fridays Guest Post Day. Send me via email your photo and narrative that goes with it along with the address to your blog and a brief bio...just 2 or 3 sentences for the bio. My email to use is felsteadd@gmail.com . If I get responses , I will serve up the guest posts in the order I receive the responses. Here is your chance to tell the world (at least my small blog world!) about something or someone who is very special to you.



Dani said...

What a lovely idea Dan! I think I'll take you up on this. You can expect an email from me pretty soon. :) And I enjoyed your post at ...the surprise-person-you-mentioned's... blog. I too had been wondering about the same things! What a fun, enlightening post!

Dan Felstead said...

Dani...Great! You will be the first guest poster...no rush. If I get the post by Thursday afternoon, I will post it Friday...if not, I will post it next Friday. Thanks for giving it a try, I think it will be great to give everyone a chance to contribute


Simply Heather said...

Hi Dan :o)

This is a GREAT idea - clever thinker, you are. I saw your post on the other blog...honestly, I'll admit that I was confused too in the beginning of following over there, but somehow - something caught my eyes and I figured it out...nice post btw.

SO - you must know that I'll contribute to one of your Friday's. I will send something your way before too long.

I did notice that I haven't seen much of you here for a few days...wondererd about you ;o).

Oh - and yes, that photo is of my mommy and I...on that same day.

Dan Felstead said...

Vermont Heather,
You are number 2, right after Dani. I was hoping that you would want to post...I think your insights are great!


Karrie said...

Dan, what a wonderful idea! I can't wait to see what everyone else has to write about. I am not much of a writer so I would love to get in on it but would rather not make to much of a fool of myself..LOL! Maybe I will give it a shot but can't wait to see everyone elses!!!!

Dan Felstead said...

Don't worry in the least. It is not in any way a competition or contest. It is intended to be a chance to express yourself in any way that is you. As I said before it is not about the photo or the writing...just posting about something that you are passionate about...You can do it!


C. Beth said...

So glad you're doing this! Fantastic way to involve your readers! :)

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks C Beth...I have to say the idea came from you when you asked for guest posters while you were planning your trip!