Sunday, April 5, 2009

It was a fabulous weekend for pictures...sunny, warm and dry. In a small town nearby, The Spring flowering trees are in full bloom. The whites, pinks, red, purples and greens were out in full force. There are so many full plump blossoms on the trees that when a gust of wind would pass by, the air filled with multicolored petals and at times it seemed to snow flowers. The streets were speckled white.

When I returned home...the weather forecast mentioned a possibility of snow for tomorrow...still the weather is vacillating..the struggle has not yet been won by the upcoming season but soon it will be overpowered by a growing season waiting in the wings.


Simply Heather said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Dan...I came down the stairs this morning, all groggy-like and Ray told me (point blank) "It snowed last night". I looked out the window and saw it...indeed, it snowed. It snowed atleast three inches and another few before noon. It is now melting.

Snow covers so beautifully, and it's always expected until atleast May 1st. One year...we had a LARGE snow storm in the first week of May. Oh, Lord...please don't allow for that to happen, but if so - perk us with Spring adventures first (please).

Wonderful photo, Dan :o).

Speedcat Hollydale said...

YEP ... snow still in the forcast here too. Awesome picture, hope it is looking like that outside sooner than later ;-)

Dan Felstead said...

It is Monday morning here in Indiana and it is lightly snowing here today...wont' be any accumulation but this shouldn't happen in Southern Indiana on April 6th! Although they say here that the frost threat here lasts until May 1st.


Dan Felstead said...


You all have had a pretty sever winter this year in Minnesota...right? I keep hearing about blizzards up there! What a bummer!