Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Most of the time when we take a picture through a window, we try our best to eliminate the glare and reflection. In this particular photo, I purposely left in the reflection. The dolls and the small town belong to each other.

As I stood across the street looking at the Antique doll shop, the dolls in the window sparked my interest. They fit so well with the small town...their vintage looks matching perfectly the stores lining Main Street. Most likely the owner of these dolls has passed away but the owner having been raised here and walking this street as a child probably held the doll proudly for all to see. The child with one hand held tight by her mother and the other holding tight to her doll's arm, perhaps dragging the hem of the white dress along the sidewalk because the doll was as tall as her.

If these dolls could only talk, what stories they could tell.


Simply Heather said...

I just mentioned this to a friend of mine today, as a matter of fact. Often, we try to get the message behind the glass...yet there is more to tell along with the image surrounding it.

I like the way this doll is looking into the clouds...if she could only be free to walk, like the many who pass her by....


Dan Felstead said...

Heather...just like old buildings...there is a lot of history and stories connected with them down through the ages.


Dani said...

This is beautiful. I have always loved dolls my entire life. I loved my babies as a child and now that I'm a mother of my own real babies I feel a bit overwhelmed at how different it is now that my dream has come true. I have a collection of porcelain dolls now and I just can't get enough. What a lovely photo.

Dan Felstead said...


My wife is a doll collector as well. I have made several stops at the American Girl stores in New York and Chicago. They always ask me what age my daughter is and I have to tell them it is for my wife!


Lynda Lehmann said...

Dan, leaving the reflections was a great idea, in this shot. They give it an eerie, otherworldly feeling!

Dan Felstead said...

As I was framing the picture, I found myself moving here and there trying to eliminate the glare. After I took the first photo and looked at the image on the back of the camera...the reflection added a nice effect so instead of trying to eliminate it...I moved to a spot where I could exaggerate it!