Friday, April 10, 2009

To all the followers and visitors of the blog, I wanted to wish you the best holiday weekend and hope you have the time to grab a book, sit back and relax least for a while... away from the rat race!

Each one of you that visits the blog, it seems, has a high level of respect and admiration for books...writing and the joy of introspection that books bring to us. They can take us deep inside a person's psyche...invite us on a journey to Shanghai, educate us and help protect us from our enemies and provide an escape even if briefly to a state of mind away from our concerns and worries of the moment.

Have a great weekend.



Heather said...

Oh yes, books have a very important place in my life. :)
I hope to curl up with one this weekend and temporarily escape the hassles of the real world, if only for a couple of hours.
Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

B.Valianti/myth maker said...

A Happy Easter to you, too, Dan!

_we_the_pieces_ said...

That's a wonderful way to say exactly how I feel about books.
Have a great weekend yourself!

boneman said... it Easter already?

Lynda Lehmann said...

You too, Dan, have a relaxed and enjoyable weekend with your family, friends, and favorite books!

shabby girl said...

There's just something so comforting about shelves of books! It was getting way too expensive to buy them, so now I loiter at the library! hehehe.
Happy Easter! I hope you can spend the day inside one of those books!

~ Denise ~ said...

Dan - I love that this could be one of the many bookshelves in my home. lol ;)

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes for Easter and I hope you had enjoyable one as well!