Monday, May 11, 2009

A few days ago I posted "Mrs. Woodpecker" and today I would like to introduce you the man of the house.

The male is much more visible and less shy but you can see by the feathers on his back that the two are related. From the angle of this photo, it doesn't look like it but the male is much larger than the female. There is one strange thing about this don't see the woodpeckers on the ground much...usually they are climbing up the trunks of trees. But as you can see, he found a morsel on the ground that looked pretty tasty to him!

Simply Heather has a great video (2 videos) of woodpeckers in Vermont...they make them a lot bigger up there!... check out Simply Heather's Videos.


Simply Heather said...

You are so right...I don't believe I've ever seen one on the ground like this. I have them sitting on a tree trunk, that is on the ground. I have them really close to the ground...but never all alone on the grass like this.


I also found it interesting that his head is more of an orangy color, than it is that vibrant red.

I love these little guys, Dan. They do have that cackling sound like Woody Woodpecker had. I hear them laughing at me all of the time when I'm outside, in search of them. Little stinkers.

{thanks for the link :o)}

Dan Felstead said...

I think your videos are really neat! They do look like woody woodpecker!


shabby girl said...

Love those back feathers! Such a stylish God we have!

Dan Felstead said...

Shabbygirl...yes...between the female and the male...quite the fashion show!


Dani said...

Lovely photo, once again, Dan.

And CONGRATS FOR THE WIN ON PP&P! What an enthralling piece of writing! I love it!

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Dani...I have not been over there yet...I will go see!