Friday, May 22, 2009

Two photos of the same hummingbird...the first is approaching the feeder and the 2nd is feeding.

The approach was taken using a very fast (3200) shutter speed in order to freeze the wings. The birds are getting tamer but I have yet to have one land on my goal. Maybe by the end of the summer.

Enjoy your weekend!



septembermom said...

Dan, you are so AWESOME with a camera! Amazing shots :) Hope you get that humming bird visitor to stop by and say hello soon.

Dan Felstead said...

Thank you, I appreciate the comment. I would love to have one of those little buggers spend some time in my hand! Have a great holiday weekend.


Heather said...

Gorgeous! What amazing little creatures....
Oh Dan, you are so very skilled.

Dan Felstead said...

Heather...not skilled...just patient!

I hope the holiday keeps you out of airports and next to a wall of books or at least a Kendal(spelling?) with a fully charged battery!


Simply Heather said...

Dan, these are beautiful...and yes, you know that I admire your patience :o).

Again...I am having issues with my IE browser allowing me into your blog...and a few others. It's not a problem on your end but on mine for some reason. I bite my tongue to say this, but do hope it is not my computer filling up with photos again ;o).

Dan Felstead said...

Simply Heather...sorry to hear about your computer problems. Have you cleared your cache lately? Sometimes that will help. Have a good holiday.


_we_the_pieces_ said...

That is so so so cool!
You like froze the wings in place!
Both amazing pictures, but I think my personal
preference is the second one, just cause I am in the mood for vibrance.

Great pictures!

Dan Felstead said...

We the Pieces...
Thanks for the vote on the color is my favorite as well among the two. Are you still going to India this summer?


shabby girl said...

The colors and contrast on that second photo are fantastic! Oh, I just LOVE IT!

Cynthia said...

Excellent work.
I think I like the first one best. I've sat here for a little while wondering why. Not sure. Maybe because it's more "artsy" to me...anyway... I just do.
Thank you!