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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Storms blew through last night like locomotives thundering themselves across the rolling hills of Southern Indiana.

After they passed, the clouds remained behind reminding us of their fury just minutes ago. The storms and continuous lightening fed the earth with nitrogen and needed rain. The foliage lept back to life showing off their greens for all to see. The fields will soon dry out and sprout new plants thanks to mother nature and her generous use of the watering can.

Minutes later the clouds passed leaving behind 20 degree cooler temperatures and a fine mist steaming up from the warm ground. There was a renewed crispness in the air...almost Autumn like.


shabby girl said...

Beautiful. I can imagine the plants beaten down by that thunderous rain, then slowly building themselves back up with the life giving water.
The cloud is awesome!

jblack designs said...

I do love storms.

I also love how you describe the green that erupts from the earth after a good rain. I often find that amazing--we can water all day from the hose, but give the earth 5minutes of real rain, and watch the grass grow.

Dan Felstead said...

There is a definite difference between clouds before the storm and after the menacing and one beautiful!


Dan Felstead said...

It always seems that the grass is always so much greener after a lightening storm.


Simply Heather said...

So, that's where you were yesterday :)

I, too, love storms!

And this is a marvelous display of the sky, Dan.

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Heather...yes I was busy with some minor storm damage on Friday!


Mary said...

Oh, I love storms like that! What a beautiful reflection you've captured. :)

The Muse said...

There has been so much debate about the climate...sigh...the last we heard...there was going to more rain than sun this summer...!

As long as flooding is zero to minimum~I think we can muddle (puddle) through.

Glad to hear your damage was minimal Dan and that you were safe!

Dan Felstead said...


Storms like this in the summer are always long as there is no damage...thankfully with this one...just some minor wind damage but the rainfall and the drop in temperature was a nice outcome.


Dan Felstead said...

I think you are from West Virginia...I have a close friend from Hurricane West Va., and he tells stories of the storms rolling in across the mountains as well in your area.


Lynda Lehmann said...

Wonderful photo--the image and your words brought the nature of a storm right to my desktop. Great work, Dan.

I like the wide format layout, as we get to see the photos in larger size. I was thinking of doing that. Did you just choose a different Blogger template?

Dan Felstead said...

Lynda...thanks for your kind words. I have posted on your blog some details on the wide format and HDR photography.