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Friday, August 28, 2009

Idiom Definitions for 'Walk in the park'

An undertaking that is easy is a walk in the park. The opposite is also true - "no walk in the park".

If life were as easy as a walk in the park...So many times we look at someone else and the appearance they give to the public and we think...boy they really have it together. When in reality, even they must face the same challenges we face day to day.

A great example of this is when we were raising Zach...I never said this to his face but often I would see a perfectly behaved child and think...why can't Zach be like that? It is probably a mistake that many parents is all to easy to compare our children to others. As I look back on that period now...I fully realize that the parents of the "perfect" child were just like me with faults of their own. Parenting is not a is truly an art and art leaves open so much interpretation. We all try to be the best parents we can...that is all we can do...because it is "no walk in the park".

Now for the real walk in the park...when I took the picture I thought of that phrase and knew I had to connect it with the photo (I often write notes about how I feel or thoughts I had when taking the pictures). This was taken back in the early Spring...that first great day outside after months of the Winter chills. It was that Spring day we have each year when we look outside and want so much for it to be Summer...we burst out of the house into the woods or nature but we find it is yet still to cold ...not yet warm enough to really enjoy Spring. This was a needed walk in the park however, a struggle yet to feel the warmth but left me with the anticipation of great warm Summer days ahead.


Sunny said...

When I look at your picture the word that pops into my head is enchanting.
I have learned that life is a lot more than just a walk in the park, sometimes it's a climb up a mountain with a 200 lb. backpack!
Have a great weekend.
Sunny :)
P.S. In a blizzard, barefoot! LOL

tricia said...

This shot could have been taken from my front porch in a log cabin I lived in in Colorado many years ago--minus the ducks. The bridge was a wooden foot bridge. It was a fairly tale place. Built of native rock, it was over a hundred years old. I could see portions of the Garden of the Gods from my yard. That was a different life. Thanks for sparking a trip down memory lane.

Great shot.

septembermom said...

It's interesting that this picture reminds her of a "fairy tale place". I've been watching Sleeping Beauty with my daughter, and this picture made me think of the lovely scene from that movie of first romance. I'm sure that bridge is a magical place to visit.

This often tired mom also appreciates your perspective that all of us parents are just trying to do their best each and every day. Thanks Dan!

Dan Felstead said... least when those days have your name to fall back on!


Dan Felstead said...

Tricia...I Googled Garden of the Gods and it reminds me of the Sedona Red Rock area! would have been nice to grow up in that area. Thanks for mentioning it.


Dan Felstead said...

Septembermom...sometimes during those terrible twos and seems that we as parents do nothing right...but after they pass that stage...most seem to get their heads on straight again! I think that we often base our parenting skills on our kids outlook on life. It is hard to think we did a good job when the adolescent shows up one day as a Goth or identifying with other fringe groups...hopefully they are just trying to find their place and through trial and error...come around sooner or later!


Kelly said...

Catching up after a busy couple of weeks. Love the series on the painter with a Porsche. Interesting!
I always love the color in your photo-paintings!

~She Poet~ said...

I love the greens and yellows in this photo. You gave it an effect which makes it look like a painting. Spring (and Autumn) is my time of year, where the Earth is waking up from its hibernation and the colours are just beginning to paint its vibrancy.

Simply Heather said...

Such truth in your writing and an absolutely beautiful setting to share.

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Kelly...I thought I would try to add in a bit of mystery along with a photo...change things around a bit!


Dan Felstead said...

Pura...Speaking of Autumn...I have always wanted to visit the Amish in and around Lancaster especially during the fall...I bet it is beautiful.


Dan Felstead said... are right in the middle of that parenting thingy....hang in there and keep your chin up. Seems like you are doing a great job!