Saturday, September 26, 2009

Details and texture...Some see the with a wide angle lens and some see with a macro lens. The ability to focus in on particular details uncovers the world unseen to many. My style of photography tends to overload at times...bright saturated colors and busy landscapes. It is a nice change of pace to see the world through another's point of view.

There is something to be said about simplicity. When there is only one object in an naturally draws your eye to examine it. Muted colors also cuts the clutter and confusion. My favorite of the three picture that Zach took above is the lone leaf with the telltale signs of transition. It seems to be hanging on as best it can to life...knowing that the end is near. The color has drained except for the the center most areas and soon that will be gold as well. The small patch of earth that surrounds it has already given up the Summer glow and is settling in for the coming freeze.

Nice break today from the often over the top colors of my eye and the chance to see another point of view.

Enjoy Your Saturday.



Simply Heather said...

Dan..oh...Dan, I'm sure you know that I really liked this post and the photos :)

These. This. Is my view of life; the one I hold securely and try not to allow the chaos to take hold...try, try, as I may.

Thank you.

DawnTreader said...

I really like these. He has a good eye for detail!

septembermom said...

It is all in the details :) Wonderful!

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks for the kind words Heather and I will pass them on to Zach. Have a great weekend. You might check tomorrows post...very interesting.


Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Dawn Treader...he had a great teacher! Just kidding. He does have the eye.


Dan Felstead said...

Septembermom...I enjoy looking at the details for a change...nice change from my landscapes.


Leah B. said...

;-; I'm so proud... I can't wait to see tomorrow's post. He told me that it's his favorite from when you guys were out there.

Anonymous said...

So is Zach going to follow in Dad's footsteps? He seems to have a great eye already. I agree that the simpler things often have the greatest impact and detail, forcing us to pay more attention to it.

Dan Felstead said...

Pura...he is not following exactly in my footsteps but but somewhat in the same general area. He is majoring in Radio and Television and wants to work behind the scenes with video. So while he works with video mainly...I work with still images. Although I like to work with video as well...I don't have any decent equipment.