Sunday, September 20, 2009

The last throes of Summer is still hanging on in the Midwest.

Even though officially Summer is over...we are now having "Indian Summer". I don't know if that is just a Midwest thing or can fill me in. It is that time of year when everything is progressing normally and then one day you wake up and you have the warm temperatures again...where did that come from? It is only temporary though because the brisk winds of October will soon give way to the biting winds of December. So if you have Indian Summer in your area...grab it with gusto and savor it like a a chocolate covered won't last long.

Have a great weekend.



Simply Heather said...

I thought it was only a North-Eastern thing :) - We usually get a bit of an Indian summer every year but this year has been a little confusing. Most of our summer was wet and of a comfortable temperature...I liked it but many others complained much, but they're the ones that complain about most everything anyway.

Sunday Blessings to you, Dan :)

Our nights have been in the 30-40' Indian summer would be welcome, I think :)

Dan Felstead said...

Heather...Wow! You all certainly get the cooler temps before us! You have a great one this weekend too!


Sunny said...

Indian Summer around here is usually in early October. We had frost warnings last night!
I love your golden picture.
Sunny :)

DawnTreader said...

We've had a whole week of that here, although actually, it's been more like autumn has not really arrived yet... The autumn colours are slowly creeping in but the green is still dominating; we've had chilly mornings, but the afternoons have been sunny and warm. Might be over now, though... Started to rain late afternoon today... Just a couple of hours earlier, while the sun was still shining, my brother and I managed to 'squeeze in' a walk in the countryside and woods near where our dad lives. I had my camera with me... :)

Dan Felstead said... is hoping you get a few more warmish days yet in October before you have to let Summer go.


Dan Felstead said...

Dawn Treader...I will be visiting next week to hopefully see some pictures!