Friday, September 18, 2009

One of the images from the battle for Fort Vincennes re enactment taken earlier this Spring.

I am posting the photo only as a reminder that the photo was taken almost 5 months ago. Just before Summer began...and now it is already past. Where did Summer go? We often mark our time here on earth with benchmarks like a song, a photograph, a scent, a movie...each time we cross paths with it, our minds wander back to that particular time and place. Even at 60...if I have an AM radio on and Bob Dylan or the Byrds or Neil Young plays...I am thrown back to a white '65 Mustang convertible and reminded of that feeling of being immortal....indestructible.

Time goes too fast for me now...I want to savor the moment whenever I can and that is why I am so thankful for photography. When I am out with my camera...time stands still for just a bit...I am "in the moment" with all other nuisances put out of reach. I treasure that time alone with a camera.

Here is hoping your Summer lasted longer than mine.


septembermom said...

Dan, love the photo and the post. I like your perspective about photography freezing a moment to enjoy and reflect. Photography is a beautiful way to document and celebrate each season. Enjoy your Friday!

Dan Felstead said... all have a great weekend up there as well!


Hazydaisy said...

Dan,I so agree about time standing still in photography,that's the magic of it for me.
have a great weekend!

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks for your comment have a great one too!


Dan Felstead said...
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