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Monday, September 14, 2009

This photo has been hanging around on my computer since last winter. I came across it this weekend while trying to organize some of my shots. I don't know if it comes across in the photo but it was one of those days in the winter when it warms up a bit and you want to get outside...almost a early Spring in the breeze. Taken close to the evening on a gray day...I have often wondered about the story behind the cross. The small outbuilding has been long abandoned and is set off the road .... only visible from the road in winter when the leaves are off the trees.

I took the picture during the time I was reading "The Shack"...a book about a man who had lost his young daughter through an accident in an old shack years ago ...never to return. Through a series of serendipitous events he was finally drawn back to the old shack...where he
mysteriously met and talked to God in the flesh. The old building reminded me of the book.

Was the owner of this old shack crying out for help...professing his faith...I suppose that is up to our imaginations.


Simply Heather said...

I like the way that you said you were "trying" to organize your photos when you came across this one, Dan. I did the same thing yesterday. It is "trying", isn't it?

This, of course, caught my eye instantly with the red wood and the white cross. It looks like it was made there to share the message of Christ at Christmas, with the lights hanging from it. As big as it is, with the lights shining through the barren trees in the winter months, at would be quite a statement and a beautiful one.


Patty said...

Oh, wow. I wish I could hunt down the owner and find out his story. Those are the kind of people I like to photograph, along with their stores, of course. And what a story that must be.

I love this photo!

Photographers getting photos organized? I thought that was a myth.

Sunny said...

I too was organizing photos and managed to override another and ended up losing one of them :(
Maybe the old shack was used as a church?
I love the colors and textures, a great photo.
Sunny :)

Sandy K. said...

Wonderful photo, and it definitely connects with the book, The Shack, doesn't it? My study group is re-reading it and I think this image would be a great visual.

The texture and color are crisp and sharp - I am instantly stopped and must look further. I love photos like this and think there are more photos to be taken here than meet the eye.

DawnTreader said...

I love the colours in this photo, and it certainly tickles the imagination! I have not read the book The Shack, but together, the book title, your picture and some of the comments here remind me of a quote from a favourite British mini-TV-series that I have on VCR and have played any number of times. (It's called Oliver's Travels.) Somewhere in it, the main character names a number of famous people, ending with "... and Jesus Christ, all children of the shack" ...

Dan Felstead said... have a keen eye! I had to go back and look at the photo...I did not even see the lights but yes they are there! I will have to check it out closer to Christmas...


Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Patty...I will try to track down the history of this and let you know.


Dan Felstead said... could have been a church years ago...although it is awfully small.

And the organization of photos is a nightmare! I spent the greater part of a day on it over the weekend and have to say's not any better than it was!


Dan Felstead said...

Sandy...feel free to print it off and use it if you want. I would be interested in the reaction if you do.


Dan Felstead said...

Dawn threw me off for a minute...I was thinking...I don't remember that in Oliver's Travels???

Then it dawned (no pun intended) on's Guliver's Travels I'm thinking of! Have not seen Oliver's Travels.


Highton-Ridley said...

Another keeper, Dan - great shot!

Now, I know you like me to be nit-picky ;) - ask yourself how the piece of rubbish by the door adds value to the shot. To me, it stops my eye from trying to go through the door, through into the mystery of what lies beyond. And I'm sure it's that story you wanted me/us to run in our heads.

A good way to improve comp is to simplify; too much and the impact is spread out over time in the viewer's mind; simplify and the impact is compressed into a shorter space of time... = better! Well, when it works, it works well.

All imho, of course and may be diametrically opposed to your understanding of the truth (got my lawyer over there, hehe!)

(But you know how the real fun is getting shots that ignore the rules and work better for it ;)

Dan Felstead said...

Mark....I MISSED IT! Thanks for the heads will be gone shortly!


Dan Felstead said...

Mark...If you have seen the Pink Panther movies....I compare you to Kato....Kato always was working to keep Inspector Clouseau on top of his game....

Thanks Kato!


tricia said...

Did you peek inside? I would have to at least have looked in the door. Love your style Dan.

Sabrina said...

Shiver...that story left me with equal parts of hopefulness and was good though.
Great shot. It does make you wonder.

::She Poet:: said...

Everything fits perfectly in this photo. The abandoned church has a haunting feel to it coupled with the trees, grass and sky. You have a creative eye for this sort of thing. Taking shots at just the right moment. I would love to know the history behind this building. However, the imaginings are endless on this one.

Hope you made a speedy recovery.

Dan Felstead said...

Tricia...actually ...I did. It was depressing as the outside! Nothing but old junk.


Dan Felstead said...

Sabrina...thanks for the comment..the image is somewhat depressing but I would love to know the story behind it.


Dan Felstead said... is the sort of building that invigorates the imagination...just trying to figure out what prompted the cross.


Mersad said...

I love the Gothic feeling this image brings across. Great mood!

Dan Felstead said... does have that dark matches the gray day on which I took it.


septembermom said...

I agree with everyone's comments. Great photo Dan! There is a sharpness to this photo that catches the eye.

DawnTreader said...

Dan, the context of Oliver's travels (not Gulliver...) does not really matter much for the quote "children of the shack", it's just a clever side remark. It was the word shack + Heather's associating it with Christmas that made me think of it.
C.S. Lewis expressed a similar idea in The Last Battle: "In our world, too, a Stable once had something in it that was bigger than our whole world."

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Septembermom...I had the camera on a tripod and that always eliminates any movement on a dark day like this...less blur.


Jen said...

WOW. I love this

Dan Felstead said...

Jen...thanks for the comment and I like your new avatar!