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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I wanted to kick off Halloween week with this image. I thought it to be very disturbing when I saw it come to life after downloading it. I have of course added the reflection below but none of the vague faces were Photoshoped in. I won't say when or how the picture was taken...because in this will help make my point. In the center is the innocent child with dark figures swirling around her...vying for her attention.

I am reminded of my youth when my cousin and I (I was an only child with no brothers or cousin and I were very close) had free reign during the Halloween Season. We were on our own...dressed up and trick or treating. It was a totally different environment then. Just last week, the news was so disturbing...3 of the 5 nights, news announced yet another child each night missing and found murdered. Another caution for our children on Halloween night is to be vigilant of traffic...USA Today states in an article that being hit by a car is twice as likely to happen on Halloween.

Halloween is a time honored tradition for our kids. But in today's world...there is the fun side and the dark side of the streets. I pray that as the night approaches, each of your families will only have fond ever vigilant of those who do not wish the best for your children...swirling out there...looking for a victim.

It can be a wondrous night with candy and goodies for all while loving parents watch from the street while sound of a doorbell rings and shouts of "treat or treat" fill the chilly October air. Have a great night with the kids...just be vigilant.



septembermom said...

Now Dan, you freaked me out before my head hits the pillow :) I think I better go look at some of your more soothing photos!! Ha!

Cool image came through!

shabby girl said...

Very interesting photo!
You know, I have great memories of going door to door, trick or treating. These days most kids go to the mall, from store to store. They are excited and happy. It's all they know. What a stinkin' shame they can't know what we knew!

::She Poet:: said...

Can I tell you that is one heck of a photo. Loved it!!! So suitable for Halloween or anything dark and creepy. I miss those carefree days of Trick or Treating when it was fun and you didn't have to worry about being shot or beaten up. I don't take my kids out. We dress up around the house, decorate and I buy plastic pumpkins and fill it up with candy. There aren't many treaters out there either. Sign of the times.

Dan Felstead said... was a disturbing image for me as well. Now that I have made my point I will tell you the circumstances....I took a picture of kids in a parade at night. The float had one child surrounded by "zombies" as a pre cursor to Halloween. I used a slow shutter speed and panned the picture as they passed. That is why it is blurry but still recognizable.


Dan Felstead said...

Shabbygirl...I never went to the mall either...just house to house. But I suppose it is safer.


Dan Felstead said... true and it IS a shame. Thanks for the comment.


Sunny said...

What a perfectly creepy picture for Halloween!
Hope I don't have nightmares!
Sunny :)

Dan Felstead said...

No nightmares here...just some fun!


...... Bobbi said...

I love, love, love this photo, Dan! My muse is working overdrive! Thank you .....