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Friday, October 16, 2009

While driving by...the windmill was all I could see from the road. The blades in a whirl rising just above a rolling hill of freshly picked corn. I had to see the farmstead that went with the windmill.

Turning down a long lane the home place came into view and to me it was the quintessential Normal Rockwell American Homestead. Nothing out of the ordinary...just a house and barn but it spoke volumes to me about the American Farmer. The self sufficient windmill displaying raw independence independence that I envy. One of the few segments of our population today that in times of trouble...they can survive as they always have. Food, water, heat and electricity...the latter three all provided by the windmill. The food...well the food surrounds their farm. I have mentioned this before but the loss of so many family farms is truly an American Tragedy in my opinion. I applaud the small farmer who have fought off the temptation to sell out to conglomerates...I truly hope that as we move into the have the good fortune to retain your independent spirit. It is an example to us all.



septembermom said...

God bless the American farmer. I pray for the rejuvenation of American farms. We can't let this tragedy happen.

Love this photo and your words.

Sunny said...

Your picture is a wonderful example of an American icon...the old farmhouse.
We do all we can to support our local farmers; it's so sad to see many of the old farms no longer in operation.
I hope they will be part of the landscape for future generations.
Sunny :)

Dan Felstead said...

Septembermom...the sad fact is that the family farms are disappearing.


Dan Felstead said...

Sunny...I imagine you see the same thing up therein New England...the disappearing family farm.