Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Additional Chances to win!

Hi folks, Sunny had asked the question...Can someone win more than once over these 4 days? Originally I wanted the maximum number of people to win so I said that you can only win once over the 4 days. BUT.......

Here are some changes:

Each person will have a chance to win 4 times...once each day. For example, If you are the first to correctly guess today...you will win a matted 8X10 image of your choice from the blog.

If that same person is the first to guess correctly tomorrow...you will win a set of 4 note cards with photos from my blog (I will pick the photos). Now...if that happens...I will move to the next person to guess correctly on the comments who has not won yet and they will win the matted 8X10 for the day. That way, a different person each day will win the 8X10 matted print. Remember...to win more than once...you have to be the first person of the day that guess correctly.
If by chance a winner also wins more than one extra day...they will get the note cards for each time they win and I will vary the images.

Just to clarify...the note cards are not a second place win...they will only be given if a past winner is the first to guess correctly on another day.

Have I confused you??? Don't worry about it...just guess each day and I will sort out the details and keep you posted.



Cynthia L. H. said...

You're just so nice.
...and by the way...I think it's hilarious that you're having a tough time not commenting on the contest replies...I can just picture it all now...
:^) ;^) ;^0

Dan Felstead said...

Cynthia...That's funny! I have been substitute teaching but I am off today...I wish I was teaching, then I wouldn't have to worry about naming the winner!!