Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rules for the Contest

Ok...I have decided on the rules for the upcoming contest beginning on Tuesday November 17th and running for 4 days ending next Friday.

1. Anyone can participate whether you stumble onto the blog from Japan or are a loyal follower.

2. The answer to the question of the day must be posted in a comment for that day so I can determine the first person with the correct answer.

3. Each of the four clues will be posted at 6:00 AM Central Time U.S. each day.

4. I will post a poem (written by me so don't expect much!) that will lay out clues for one of my past posts dating back to November 17th, 2008. (HINT... no picture will be chosen past July '09...all pictures will have been posted before then.).

5. The first person to comment that day with a description of the correct post will win. No need for a long dissertation...just so I can determine which post you have chosen.

6. On the right had column of the blog, at the very lower will see "ARCHIVES" can click on that and go to a particular month...might save you some time.

7. In a nutshell: 1. Read the clue 2. Search the post 3. Leave a comment with your answer.

8. I will post the winner the following day along with the post itself and a clue for the next day. You can only win once during the contest.

(Again, anyone can enter....except Sunny who has already tried to game the system and Dawn Treader who is already complaining about not making the contest too hard! JUST KIDDING OF COURSE....I just couldn't resist!).

Winners can choose any photo posted on the blog...your choice...I will mat and send it to you postage paid. There will be 4 each day.

Good luck and have some fun!



septembermom said...

I'm ready! Let the contest begin! If I get so lucky to win, how am I going to pick just one of your amazing photos??? It will be a daunting task but I'm up for the challenge.

Dan Felstead said...
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Dan Felstead said...

Great Septembermom...! Hope you win...I can see one of the classic cars for hubby...too bad I don't have a pic of the GTO!


DawnTreader said...

Oh, these rules are tough enough! I didn't even enter the Blogworld until a couple of months after you, even less your blog... (Trying just now to remember which was the first photo of yours that I laid eyes on but...)
(And I have to complain again that my desktop computer DIED this afternoon - that part of my recent comment on your other post was quite true, I'm afraid.)

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

I'm going to try! I hope I understand what you want us to do (I'm with Dawn!)

Monica Manning said...

What a great contest, Dan! I'm going to do my best to participate, although by the time you post on Friday, I'll be on a plane to Mexico! Good luck to everyone!!

Dan Felstead said...

Dawn Treader...I commented on the other post that I didn't know if you were kidding or not...I see now it is true. I feel your pain! I once lost all of my docs a few years I back up continuously. I use something called Carbonite and it is a life saver. It is an online backup service that backs up as you use your computer. So you never have to worry about it again. It is $50.00 per year and for me it is well worth it. I think it is Not sure if it US only.


Dan Felstead said...

Jaime...I am beginning to think I didn't make the rules very clear. Main thing is that I will give a clue on a past post...go to "Archives" on the lower right panel of my on a month and quickly scroll though the pictures and scan the text. Without too much trouble you should be able to put the clues with the narrative and photo.


Dan Felstead said...

OK ...Monica...lets see...On the one hand I could fly to Mexico and on the other hand I could stay home and enter a contest. Ummmmmm.....that is not a hard decision! I would be Mexico bound! Have a safe trip and fill us in when you get back.

One point of clarification however...Each day is its own contest. You can win a photo each don't have to guess all 4 posts (Tuesday thru Friday) to win. You guess right on Wednesday for example and you are the first to comment with the right win a photo. Hope that helps.


Sunny said...

I'm so glad you made the rules easy to understand, oh wait, I'm banned, so it doesn't matter! Ha-ha!
Sunny :)
P.S. You are awarding 4 pictures? I have to admit, I'm a tad bit confused.

Dan Felstead said...

Sunny...I am glad you have a sense of humor...I have been kind of hard on you! Yes, I will give away one photo on each of the four days...Tuesday through Friday.