Saturday, December 5, 2009

Although the methods varied...I'm not sure that I would wanted to have placed my medical care in the hands of either the Medicine Man or the visiting country dentist. At that time however, it was the best they could do.

The early settlers often viewed the Indians a savage beasts...not much higher on the food chain than the animals they fought to survive. On the westward expansion of our country...there was always a doctor or dentist (usually one did the work of both) traveling with the wagon trains. It was understood that they could save your life but it would be a painful process usually without much anesthesia or pain medicine.

The Indian Medicine Man worked his miracles as well with much more of a reliance on the "Spirit World" to lend a hand. It has been documented however that many mastered the art of herbal treatment and many of those "primitive" treatments remain in some form today.

Personally I like a combination of both...the spirit world and conventional therapy. In today's holistic approach to treatment...both seem to play an important role in health care.

Have a great Sunday...don't forget the "spiritual" part of the mix!


septembermom said...

I think a blending of holistic medicine and traditional medicine help so many people. A person's spirit especially needs nurturing during treatment.

My dad would have loved seeing the first photo on this post. He would always admire the gentle power of Native American portraits.

dianne said...

Yes Dan, we are so fortunate today with our modern medicines and anaesthetics for some dental and surgical procedures...they did it hard back in those days.
I do agree we need a mix of holistic and traditional medicine and much can be gained by taking care of the spirit of the patient, a lot of medical people have lost touch with the spiritual side of medicine, the caring, nurturing approach, a kind word and a genuine interest in the well being of the patient as a whole person.
These a are all lovely photographs, especially the photo of the Native American Medicine Man, he has such a beautiful face and a warm and comforting expression. ♡

Dan Felstead said...

Septembermom...I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for several years and many times a life saving drug was discovered from plants or trees rather than in a laboratory.


Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Dianne...I enjoyed your comment. So many times when searching for today's cures...a variation is often taken from an old "wives" tale...they seem so simple but there was always a reason why these tales were passed from generation to generation...they worked!


Anonymous said...

The second photo with the horn is my favorite.

Dan Felstead said...

Thank you M. I appreciate the comment.


Glen Hartjes said...

Great work Dan, I always enjoy visiting.

Dan Felstead said...

Glen...thanks. By the way, your Cathedral picture is :
B E A U T I F U L !!!


Cynthia L. H. said...

When I was a dental assistant, our uniforms were not quite that "snazzy."
(But I did end up holding many a hand through a procedure!)
Yes, I am glad to see the world coming around to a more holistic approach to medicine again...I will look forward to the day when many more people are more open to the idea. That is how I try to live my life, when at all possible.
I love the first photo. So serene, but such depth of character.

Dan Felstead said... would have to hold my hand...I hate to go to the Dentist!