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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Earlier I had posted about an old building in contrast to new buildings. I wanted to give more perspective on the church that I had posted. This is the church that survived the September 11th attack. It is literally across the street from where the towers stood.

I visited ground zero in early December after the September attacks and the banners were still hanging inside. The banners were hung by many of the volunteer groups who helped with the aftermath. The volunteers signed most of the can see the signatures on the banner with the golden cross. The church is the oldest public building standing in New York City. George Washington attended services here one Sunday in the early days of the Revolution.

Beautiful both inside and out...not because of grandiose architecture or interior decorating but because of it's simplicity and reflection of the courage of New Yorkers. I have written several posts about nine eleven I know but having been across the Hudson in full view of the devastation on that day was a life changing moment for me.



Sunny said...

The fact that this beautiful church is still standing is really a miracle. Your pictures evoke a lot of memories of that tragic day. Thank you for sharing a special place that chances are, I'd never see.
Sunny :)

DawnTreader said...

Very powerful pictures, Dan. Love the colours in the first one and in the second one you've really caught the mood of afterthought that life-shaking events cause.

septembermom said...

It is a very beautiful church. I stand in awe of all those who gave all that they could to help the suffering on that tragic day. These pictures are very moving. Thank you Dan.

Cynthia L. H. said...

These photos are full of emotion, both the inside shot and the outside. The banners really add a human touch, but in a very unique way...they're an artistic expression of the heart and hands...I can just picture the artist/crafters thinking, "What can we do? We have to do something..." ...and then these renderings flow out to help sooth and heal...hanging high overhead like fluttering angel wings...quietly broadcasting their encouragement unceasingly...
You can also see the mood on the faces of the two sitting in there...very moving.

The Muse said...

Hi Dan!
I have finished my TOD and was delighted to stop by and say Merry Christmas.
Yes, the 911 area has great impact on all who visit there.
Your shots pic up that a true heartbeat...something alive survives there. The American spirit, most blessed... :)

Leah B. said...

Nice. It really is a miracle that this church made it through all that.

Danny, I hope you don't mind too much if I spam your blog with a link to a post I just made. I'm mildly freaking out at the moment. Just found out my brother's apartment burned down. Quite an event to happen just before Xmas. I know you have a higher readership than I do, and some of those people just may be from the South Bend area and therefore more able than I am to help. I don't have the money or the proximity to him, to do as much as I want to. If it's a problem, I won't pitch a fit if you delete the comment.

Leah B. said...

Now with clicky goodness:

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post to ask for a Christmas miracle

Rebecca said...

Lovely. I love your perspective in the first shot and the mood in the second.

dianne said...

Something beautiful to remind us that not all things of beauty and goodness were destroyed on that tragic day...your photo is powerful Dan, that church is standing there with a look of defiance... of goodness over evil and strength against all adversity. ♥

Dan Felstead said...

Sunny...It is an amazing story of survival amidst the ruins.

It looks like you al got the big snow over the much did you get?


Dan Felstead said...

Dawn Treader...yes...this building was a sanctuary in the midst of the tradegey during the search for survivors and cleanup.


Dan Felstead said...

Septembermom..have you been down there to see the Church?


Dan Felstead said... have captured the emotions nicely.


Dan Felstead said...

Muse...great to hear from you...I lost track of your blog. Have you been overseas?


Dan Felstead said...

Leah...What a bummer! At least they are OK. This is horrible at any time of the year but at Christmas makes it even worse. I will touch base with you on it over the holidays.


Patty said...

I am trying to play catch up and wish all my blogging friends a Merry Christmas. I was scrolling down your page of wonderful photos (you always amaze me) and stopped dead cold when I came to this one. Very moving. When I read the text it became more meaningful.

I love this photo. You can take away the text, the magic you work with the color, even print it in black and white and it would still be a powerful photo.

Merry Christmas!