Monday, February 22, 2010


Welcome to the LST ... Landing Ship Tank. Yesterday's picture was taken in the bowels of this ship...the area from which the tanks and equipment were launched onto the particular the Beaches of Normandy during World War Two.

If you have the time to read the link will see that most of these ships were built right here in Evansville, Indiana. They were built and transported to open water via the Ohio river. After being on board...feeling the thick steel and seeing the complexity of these is hard to believe but during the war, starting from nothing but steel plates two complete ships a week were manufactured at the Port of Evansville. This had to be daunting task. Just take a look at the black and white image and try to imagine stating from nothing and building two of these behemoths a week.

These ships were the work horses of the Armed Forces carrying our troops and equipment and were the landing crafts during D Day. Another fact that is hard to believe is that these huge ships would drop anchor 600 yards from shore and then charge full speed up and onto the dry beach completly out of the water...thousands of tons of steel resting on the beaches. When their job was done...they would winch the anchor and pull themselves back out to sea by a 3 inch diameter cable.

In world war two Rosie the Riveter became an American Icon and my Aunt was part of this phenomenon. Although she was a welder at the shipyards...not a riveter...she remains proud today her participation in the war effort. During peak production here in Evansville...there were hundreds of "Rosies" employed.

Tomorrow we will go back inside and see how this ship functioned.



Miquel said...

Whant an impacting photography!!!! I like it very much, that must be a singular photo session. GREAT!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love how I feel like I am standing there, in the picture, experiencing it as if it were real life.


Brett said...

Great shots i will be back to see the others

septembermom said...

I feel like I'm right there. I wish my dad was here to see this post. He would have loved it. I think I'll show his grandsons. Thanks Dan!

Dan Felstead said...

Miguel was fun to be able to see an old ship like this. I was not in the Military so it is all new to me!


Dan Felstead said...

Jen thanks...I did try to take the picture as if you were on the deck...I appreciate the comment!


Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Brett...I am glad you stopped by!


Dan Felstead said...

Septembermom...I take your was in the armed services....Navy??