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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Smelly Predicament!

What could these two photos possibly have in common? They are definitely related!

Saturday night for Valentines Day we went to a play..."Between Daylight and Boonville". The back story is that the creator and writer of the play is Matt Williams. He also created the Cosby Show, Rosanne and Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken among other hits. Karen (my wife) went to high school with Matt. He wrote this play about characters he knew while living in Evansville...thus the name Daylight to Boonville...two small towns just outside of Evansville. It was wonderful. I know it has played in New York and several other larger cities and if you ever get the chance be sure to see it...a great character study of three women searching for something outside of their trailer park existence while their husbands work in the coal mines. It is at the same time hilarious and tragic. That is the first on to it's partner in crime...a wet Scooter.

We arrived home after a wonderful evening out on the town about midnight. Right before retiring to bed I let Scooter out to take care of business. She promptly bolted out the the fence at the end of the yard into the shadows. After a bit...she sauntered back to the door with a strange look on her face. I let her in and as she passed by.......something lingered behind...the most pungent disgusting odor you can imagine. As it dawned on me she had already walked through the house leaving her smelly calling card wherever she went. I yelled at Karen in the other room...Scooter got into a battle with a Skunk and lost!

It is 1:00 am...I am in the shower with Scooter covering her with Baking soda then dowsing her with 6 Miller Lites...a recipe we found on the internet. It worked. As Karen was blow drying her..I took the picture of her...the time stamp on the photo reads 2:30am.

A Valentines celebration we won't forget and neither will Scooter!



{Simply} Heather said...

I'm loving this smelly post, Dan! Well, anything we that sweet stinky beautiful pooch, Scooter will win me over anyway. Just look at her smile!

What a treat to go to a play like that, and Karen knowing the writer - of the Cosby Show (too)! WOW.

Thanks for sharing with us all, the personal side of life today.

I will have to keep that in mind with the recipe for ridding of skunk smell...hey, maybe that's why she's smiling in the photo, Dan...too many beers :)

The Lly Dilettante said...

A battle with a skunk? Wow. Glad everything turned out okay.

shabby girl said...

Awww, Scooter! Not exactly the way you pictured Valentine's day, huh?

Sunny said...

Oh no! Poor Scooter...poor you!
Sunny :)

Dan Felstead said...

Heather...LOL ....It was a mess! And 6 bottles of beer down the drain! What a night.


Dan Felstead said... is ok now but it wasn't at 2:30 in the morning!


Dan Felstead said... I am staying up until 2:30am...having to give the dog a bath...getting rid of skunk smell and you are worried about Scooter? Just was a real experience.


Dan Felstead said...

Sunny...It would have been "Poor Skunk" if I could have found it!


Monica Manning said...

How wonderful that your wife knows someone famous. She can say "I knew him when..." And, I suppose, she can say that she also knows him now.

Poor Scooter. I'll try to remember that recipe, if our Greyhound ever catches something more than a rabbit. Seems a shame to waste that beer, though!

(Side note: My word verification is "scons". I know it's spelled incorrectly, but I suddenly have a craving for buttered scones and clotted cream.)

septembermom said...

How could you not love Scooter! Thanks for sharing these lovely moments of your day with us.

Dan Felstead said...

Monica...thanks for stopping by...I miss your blog...have tog et back to it. I have been extremely busy of late. I hope you never have to use the recipe but just in does work very well.


Dan Felstead said...

Septembermom...Scooter is the best...even when she smells like a skunk!


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