Saturday, March 20, 2010

Resurrection Bay coastline....Seward Alaska: 11:30pm.

11:30pm is not a typo. This time of the year in doesn't get dark until about 1:00am. The fog had rolled in for the evening and the sun was finally setting...although that time of year...I don't think the sun actually sets completely before it again begins to rise for the the next day.

In 1964 a tsunami from a major earthquake roared across this waterfront from Resurrection Bay completely destroying the town of Seward. The present day town is actually in another location now down a few miles from the original.

These types of nature's powers only serve to re-enforce the power of the untamed wilderness in Alaska...nature still does what it wants up there. Some times take a look a the sites that survey and track earthquakes....they happen in Alaska on a daily basis.



DawnTreader said...

That's a beautiful photo, Dan. I love the soft colours in it. Hard to associate with a tsunami...!

Dan Felstead said...

Dawn Treader...yes in the picture it looks so serene but in 1967...there was nothing here but destruction.


shabby girl said...

I remember seeing a movie in school as a youngster of the tsunami of 1964. There had been a 9.2 magnitude earthquake in Prince William Sound. Of course, the film clip did not last long, but I remember the water coming up over the sea wall.
Yes, a wild place on so many levels!

Dan Felstead said... brought up a good point...I may have misquoted the date of 1967...thanks for bringing this up.


Dan Felstead said...

Hi folks...thanks to Shabbygirl...I had the date wrong for the earthquake...I looked it up and it was 1964 instead of 1967...I will change the post.

Thanks again Shabbygirl.


Anonymous said...

When it comes to the forces of Nature how truly insignificant we are. Absorbing the peacefulness of this image it is difficult to imagine the violence of nature that can sweep up and destroy the structure of sticks we have made at any given time.

Dan Felstead said...

S. Barbie...when these things is like a wave pool washing over a Lincoln log village...there is no way these structures can survive such a force.


Nishant said...

I love the soft colours in it.
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