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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Observer

I visited a political rally to record the events of the observer caught my eye.

I didn't realize it until I downloaded the pictures but several had a quiet, non interactive, observer in the image. The mask looked so familiar...I researched it and found two instances where this masked is used...the book and movie "V for Vendetta" an underground freedom fighter and an activist group..."Anonymous" who seems to be targeting the Church of Scientology.

There were protesters both pro and con but this observer was always just in the interaction with anyone...just....there.

After the rally I was going to ask him what his reason for being there was...out of curiosity. He was gone.



J Cosmo Newbery said...


Sunny said...

The first word that comes to mind is...creepy, the next thing that comes to mind is...VERY creepy!
Sunny :)

Dan Felstead said...

J...for sure spooky. I don't know if you are aware or have Googled the "anonymous" group but a movement that I would not want to get on the wrong side of.


Dan Felstead said...

Sunny I agree as well...make one want to look over their shoulder when in a crowd!


Cynthia L. H. said...


Dan Felstead said...

Yes Wow! Cynthia...I researched the symbol on his Tee Shirt...It is the "Atlas Shrugged" of Ayn Rand.


Dani said...

That's freaky! He would have really given me the creeps! Probably his reason for being there in the first place.

Dan Felstead said...

Dani!! It is really great to hear from you again. I hope things are going well for you guys! I will have to get back by the blog again myself.

I don't know if you have googled the "Anonymous" activist group but yes...they are indeed a very creepy group.