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Friday, April 16, 2010

Race Day!

Race Day in Bloomington was not unlike any other Saturday on a college campus in the early Spring. Sunbathers in Dunn Meadow just outside of the Union, Frisbees sailing through the air only to be snatched up by small hyperactive dogs and bicycles everywhere...especially on this weekend.

When I first arrived at the track the elimination heats were already in progress. My eyes followed the high pitched screaming of a fan in the stands...somewhat obscene utterances but also par for the course with the lexicon of today's students for the most part. So I snapped the shutter. Never gave it another thought. Back home I had a surprise in store for me when I downloaded the pictures. The crowd shot is one of those images that captures the entire spectrum of a subculture. I would bet that anyone viewing the image can symbolically find themselves in this group when you were this age...the bookworm, the "frat guy", the groupie, the rapper, the athlete, the party-er, the all American boy/girl, Mr. Rowdy and the Geek. All the emotions...disgust, anger, excitement, exhilaration, boredom, you name it... it is there.

For me this is one of those images that I can spend time with just looking to see what I can find in the picture.

The image of the race is an actual shot of a pack of racers...I overlaid a brick wall to simulate the look of a painting or mural on a wall.



nowimagrownup said...

Very, very cool pictures. You are right about that first can see every expression imaginable. Including one woman who looks severely pissed off! I'm a people watcher, so I always enjoy watching interactions and facial expressions in crowds. I don't know why I do it...maybe I'm just nosy?

shabby girl said...

Just beautiful Dan. You're absolutely right about that top photo! It's kind of like the breakfast club, with more members.

Sunny said...

Great picture - the first thing I noticed was the women spectators were really out numbered, the second thing...evidently the fashion police were at another venue - ha!
I really like the brick wall effect, it really does look like a mural.
Sunny :)

DawnTreader said...

That first shot really looks like you could have put a lot of effort into just arranging it! ;)

I like the brick wall effect, too.

Cynthia L. H. said...

The first shot really is worth a thousand words...most of them coming from the shot itself...and some of them not very nice...
(I'm referring to the attitudes...)
You were very brave in the face of what I would view as intimidation!!!
Love the brick wall layered on the second one...
Great skills, as always.

Dan Felstead said...

Heather...I think we are all nosy! That is one of the best things about being an observer...


Dan Felstead said...

Shabby Girl...that is a great title for the image! It WAS like an elite group out to make a statement.


Dan Felstead said... best as i can remember...the fashion police has NEVER visited a college campus on a Saturday afternoon! Or for that matter...any afternoon!


Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Dawn Treader! It is just as it was changes...but I know what you mean!


Dan Felstead said...

Cynthia...their bark was much worse than their bite! Actually a great group of kids.