Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Dying Breed...The Barber

Not a stylist...not a hairdresser....but A Barber.

I thought I had photographed everything in New Harmony Indiana. Many of the photos on the blog are from New Harmony. However, this Saturday...I came across the barber shop...How I missed it after all this time was a surprise to me.

Irvin...the barber has been yielding the scissors and straight razor for over 50 years. This nostalgic shop was lifted right from the '50s. From the black and pink square tiled floor, the "Captain Kirk" barber chairs, the magazine rack full of "Field and Stream"..."Guns and Ammo" and an occasional "Playboy" to the smell of Brylcreme, talcum powder and Wildroot Hair Tonic...this remains today as it existed 50 years ago. Now open two days a week and Irvin still has a thriving business in this small historical community.

Thank you Irvin, for letting me photograph your Barber Shop today.



Sunny said...

Your third picture reminds me very much of a Norman Rockwell painting. A slice of Americana.
You are right about a 'dying breed', my husband had a heck of time finding a barber after we moved.

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks was a trip back in time for me.


Nieves said...

What a nice and touching barber shop and beautiful photos as well. Hugs!

septembermom said...

My husband loves to brink the boys to the barber shop. He fears that barbers are disappearing.

Great pictures!