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Saturday, May 29, 2010

On the Checklist....

The old greystone building on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Chestnut was one of the first items on my checklist made the night before as I gingerly sipped the tea.

I knew that this time of year the normally ivy covered east wall would bear it's details ...the details hidden from passing hoards most of the year. As I watched so many people would pass the intricate network of vines without a second glance. After all , they passed this way each evening on the way home from work or each Sunday after a day of shopping.

That evening for me was one of those image captures that I so wanted to reproduce like what I saw in my minds eye. The contrast of the evening sun lit the south wall warming it and highlighting the texture and character of the old greystone but just around to the east wall...the sun was blocked and the darker side with the now dead, bare ivy vines was a cold as the winter temperature that day.

If you are ever in Chicago in the early evening light...go to the corner of Michigan avenue and Chestnut....stand on the opposite corner and let the texture of the old greystone tell you two of warmth and light and the other darker side whose time in the sun has passed.



Sunny said...

Great combination of textures and light. You have a wonderful way of capturing a scene; I can almost hear the honking of car horns.
☼ Sunny

septembermom said...

A great shot Dan. Love the narrative too.

Mersad said...

As always great use of HDR. Love the texture of the image and I agree with Sunny, I can feel the life of the world captured.

DawnTreader said...

This looks almost 3D!

Sandy K. said...

I was going to ask what technique you used to make this building "pop," which I just love. The texture jumps at you. I shall put this location on my list - we love Chicago.