Monday, May 24, 2010

Picking Berries

On her way to help mom pick berries for breakfast there was a connection made between her and her best friend.

Hope you have a great week ahead!



Sunny said...

This is one of those special pictures that brings a smile to your face.
Hope your week is a good one.
☼ Sunny

dianne said...

This is a special photo Dan, both the little girl and the horse are greeting each other, so sweet.
I hope you have a good week too. xo ♡

septembermom said...

So sweet. Very special photo.

Dan Felstead said... is a great week...I substitute teach and school is out this Thursday! Can't wait!


Dan Felstead said...

Dianne yes...I definitely think they were communicating with each doubt there was at least an acknowledgment on both parts.


Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Septembermom and I see you have left comments on several posts...thanks for catching up!


Cynthia L. H. said...

Dan, there you go again...adding more photos to my favorite's list...someday I will have that Felstead photo wall!
LOVE this one!!!

Just Me said...

I was wondering how you got this effect. It looks almost painted. I have a photo of a boy on the beach and have tried using the paint options in photoshop elements but it always looks overdone. Any help would be appreciated.