Saturday, May 22, 2010

The road out of Montgomery....

The rain had moving on east out of the area. One of those Spring deluges that comes on with the force of a gale and leaves only the smell of fresh spring fields and wildflowers in it's wake.

After this picture was final of the day...I headed home. Picked up Karen after her rug hooking class in Montgomery...the images of a wonderful community still fresh in my mind. A perfect day had come to a close.



dianne said...

A beautiful photo dear Dan, nothing comes close to the fresh fragrance of a grassy field and wildflowers after a shower of rain.
Pleased to hear your day was perfect.
xoxo ♡

septembermom said...

Happy that you had a perfect day. What beauty surrounded you :)

Dan Felstead said...

Dianne and Septembermom...thanks to both of you for the "perfect day wishes"!


Cynthia L. H. said...

This photo captures the essence of a country day just perfectly.
I'm so glad you got to go and enjoyed your day...and then, to share all of your wonderful photos with us!