Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stripes and Feathers...

Part of our 4th celebration usually includes a visit to the Zoo. Yesterday's Giraffes were visited during their feeding time and the kids always enjoy the treat of feeding these longed necked friends. For me, the area that I always visit is the Zebras...partly for the photographs ( a perfect subject for black and white) and partly out of amazement of the perfectly striped bodies of these creatures.

Although a different species than the horse...there have been occasions where a horse and Zebra have bred producing a Zorse.

I don't know what the first picture above is...however it is some type of bird...although a bit ugly!



Sunny said...

Wonderful picture of the Zebra. I guess a Zorse is better than a Horsbra? LOL
Interesting bird, was it large?
☼ Sunny

septembermom said...

I love going to the zoo. We go all the time. That zebra picture is great.

Dan Felstead said...

Sunny only you could have come up with a Horsebra...actually I like that term better than Zorse!


Dan Felstead said...

Septembermom...isn't it a great place to get away and forget the traffic and noise for a while!