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Thursday, August 26, 2010

And Where it Stops...Nobody Knows.....

Motion...clicks...bells...grinds...waving green flags...multi-colored bowling balls...twisted rails and elevators...movement for no apparent purpose.

The name that always comes to mind is Rube Goldberg. He was an artist and inventor that conceived some of the most amazing machines just for the sake of a very simple purpose. As I stood watching...listening and feeling the thump..thump..thump of bowling balls transported up an elevator to the top of the three story tower and then dumped onto the roller coaster ride to the bottom only to be caught and transported back to the top again, I wondered what was the fascination with these machines for apparently no benefit to humanity? Yet I couldn't stop watching. As I looked around the room everyone was transfixed like robots staring...smiling...even chuckling to themselves. Children, mouths open, swaying back and forth with occasional shrieks of amazement tugged at dad's thumb as if to ask "What is it"?

It was comforting to see a machine with no hidden agenda and no underlying "buying" message...just doing what it did best....just because it could.



Sunny said...

Three stories? Bowling balls? Giant Energizer battery? I think my brain just short circuited! LOL
I thought it was a fancy gum ball machine!
☼ Sunny

DawnTreader said...

I happened to see the photo with the balls first and I thought lottery machine... Then as I saw the rest... For some reason (second time this week) my thoughts went to the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11)... LOL. The other blog post this week that brought that to mind for me was this one by Ginny at Let Your Light Shine.