Sunday, August 1, 2010

No relation...not my idea but couldn't pass the opportunity

I would title this "When I grow Up".

This weekend at the fair...I watched two proud grandparents taking a picture of their grandson as he sat in the wheel of a HUGE tractor. The contrast of the small child and the ginourmous (is that a word?) machine made the machine look larger and the child seem smaller. Thank you to the proud grandparents for allowing me to take the picture. This was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

Have a Bigger than Life Sunday and see you next week!



DawnTreader said...

Wonderful picture, Dan! :)
That tractor thing really must be HUGE.

Sunny said...

One thing for sure...this picture put a BIG smile on my face. What a great picture!
☼ Sunny

Miss H~ said...

Maybe it's my Iowan roots that draws me to this picture, but this picture is priceless! As usual, you do an amazing job of capturing the moment. Thanks for sharing! :)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

High on the cute scale!

septembermom said...

Really adorable!

Dan Felstead said...

Dawn Treader...each yer at this fair...the tractors seem to get bigger and bigger! There must not be many family farms anymore of just a few acres because these babies are for farms of 1000's of acres.


Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Sunny...I am glad it brought a smile to your face...maybe I have paid you back a bit...I owe you so many smiles for the ones you gave me from your blogs!


Dan Felstead said...

Miss H...N!! Congrats and welcome back to the blogging world! I visited your site and see that you took the big step...way to go. Thanks for the comment and glad to hear from you again.


Dan Felstead said... usual..great comment very concise!


Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Septembermom...the picture would not have been that memorable without the child!