Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Delicate Touch

It is one thing to be able to mold a vase from a mound of clay turning on a wheel...it is another to be able to recreate a rose.

I marveled at this...though yet unfinished...vase with the rose accents. I can't imagine the intricate molding and light touch it must have taken to be able to craft the petals so delicate. I only wish I could have seen it once finished...in my mind eye it is a beautiful work of art.



DawnTreader said...

Wow. Was is burned yet when you took this photo? I can imagine that part to be tricky...

dianne said...

It is beautiful Dan and does require a delicate touch.
My Mother worked for at small pottery business for many years, she made roses, delicate buds, leaves and all kind of flowers.
They were glazed with colours before baking in the kiln.
xoxoxo ♡

Sunny said...

How delicate and pretty, the flowers remind me of Capodimonte.
☼ Sunny