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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Full of books and no one to read them....

Yesterday I posted a Starbucks on campus where I am taking French classes this semester. After a conversation with myself...I left to study at the library. Upon passing by I stopped to look in the windows and noticed what seemed to be an empty room.

It occurred to me that libraries are probably falling prey to the electronic age. These magnificent edifices are a testament to times past. I could have every book in this building on my laptop to browse when I wanted...probably even my Kindle. The easy route is a few clicks of a mouse and I'm there.

In the coming decades however...students will miss the smell of old books and the tactile sensation of opening up an Edgar Allen Poe original publication and running their fingers across pages that Poe probably touched himself. The new information age is wonderful but it lacks the sensual pleasures of "being there".



DawnTreader said...

Makes a very nice picture, anway!

Sunny said...

I am all for technology but I don't think anything can replace the pleasure of curling up with a good book. The feel of the paper and turning the page is very enjoyable to me.
☼ Sunny

dianne said...

I still like to visit the library and bookshops, I love the feel of the paper when turning the pages, the smell of the covers and bindings,the colours, my favourite part is the 'reference' section, which is filled with all kinds of treasures.
I love my computer but you cannot get that same sensory feeling that you get from browsing through the shelves and actually touching the books. xoxo ♡

Doreen said...

I love books and am always reading something. but for some reason, I don't visit the library. I like to buy my books. Barnes and Noble is a fav of mine. you learn so much through reading, correct language, punctuation, etc. things you wouldn't think of .

Petra said...

I don't think that printed books will ever disappear and I definitely don't wish that. I read a few books in my computer and it was great because they were written in English that is not my native language so I had a dictionary open and could easily switch between the book and the dictionary as needed. But another advantage? There was none, only limitations. You must have power supply at hand, you can't sit as you want, your eyes get more easily tired. I spend a lot of time at work looking into a computer screen and so I have no desire to replace printed books for the electronic ones. I believe there are and always will be people feeling the same. The fact is that libraries face decline of visitors, because firstly one can find lots of information on the internet instead of browsing in books and secondly because younger generations probably don't read so much as the older ones used to. Well, we have to learn our children what treasure they can find in books... :-)

Sunny said...

Blogland is not the same without you. Hope all is well.
☼ Sunny

Cynthia L. H. said...

I love libraries. I don't think there is anything quite like holding a book. There are people in my Category Fiction class who even insist on buying paperbacks...whenever possible. I like that.
French class! Yay for you! How is that going?

A Scattering said...

Dan, where art thou??