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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Trail Friend

We were on the Porter Trail near the Greenbriar entrance to the National park.

At different points along the way, our friend would make his presence known. At first he would follow along keeping his distance off in the wooded area following the stream. As time went on, he finally jumped to the path and sometimes ahead of us and sometimes behind...went on the hike with us. We would stop and he would stop....when we began would he.

Finally at the crest of a hill...he stood facing us and as we slowly approached almost face to face he seemed to want to see us up close as much as we wanted to see him! He stopped long enough for the quick click of a shutter and then off into the forest.....

We didn't see him again but he will always be with us in our memory when we return to Porter's trail.



Mersad said...

As soon as i saw the image I immediately went quiet shhhh....
Wow, what a great catch, and the light is perfect.

Engineer said...

I was up on the same trail, Porter's Creek Trail back on May 12. However, we broke off at the split and went up the Brushy Mountain Trail. This was an easier climb. Did you go to the old John Messer farm house up there? Elevation 2242 feet. I did find out that coming back down was much harder than going up. This was a beautiful hike. We stopped and soaked our feet in the stream and almost got hypothermia, lol. The water was very cold.
The family had a good time.

DawnTreader said...

Lovely :)