Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tail of the Dragon

318 hairpin curves in 11 miles winding through one of the most beautiful part of the Smoky Mountain range on the North Carolina boarder.

These 318 curves are known as the Tail of the Dragon and each year thousands of national and international bikers take a pilgrimage here. One of the most sought after 11 miles in the biker kingdom. We weren't on bikes but what a treat we had maneuvering the curves, dodging the motorcycles and stopping along the way to see the bikes approach these curves at almost a horizontal pitch...knees touching the pavement as they blurred by.

The image above is a stopping point along the way. The lake below finally arrives and the road finishes out along the lake.


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DawnTreader said...

That does look like a landscape that might belong in a fantasy movie involving dragons ;)