Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When was the last time you went to the barber?

I mean....the barber...really the barber? Has the local barber shop met the same fate as shoe repair shops, TV and VCR repair shops, sock hops, madres plaid, penny loafers and 60 minute photo?

This local barber hopes not. He still operates a very busy barber shop in a small community near where I live. His shop is an oasis of stability and changelessness. Step outside and you hear the noise, see calendars that say January - 2012 and smell the stacks of newspapers from the recycling plant. Inside however there is the floral scent of Irish Rose hair dressing and the sound of a straight razor slapping against a leather strap. In the racks you see "Bass Fisherman", "Car and Driver" and even an occasional "Playboy".

I have to admit it has been years...decades...since I walked into a barber shop but I am glad for people like the proprietor of this shop who have the courage and pride of ownership to remain open.



Steve Gravano said...

My sons and I visit a barber shop on a regular basis, but it's not the old kind. There's four chairs, two are women barbers and the other two are Turkish guys. We all like Malik, unfortunately so does everyone else.

ADRIAN said...

A wonderful treatment. I love HDR but don't have the nerve to push it this far......Great!

Dan Felstead said...

Steve! Consider me corrected! I am glad there are still people who frequent the local barber.


Dan Felstead said...

Yes I am addicted to HDR. About 90 percent of all I shoot is HDR. Often times I use it to balance out sky and foreground rather than to achieve a dramatic effect. I think it can be overdone at times.


Anonymous said...

Where is he located. I hate going to beauty salon's. I hope that they they never go away.

Dan Felstead said...

Anonymous....if you are from this area...he is located in New Harmony and I think he is open 4 days per week. It always seems like he has customers so he must do a good job!


David said...

Thanks for the beautiful photos !!!