Sunday, August 19, 2012

H R Giger

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One of the most surreal experiences while in Switzerland was walking towards the castle at the end of the village of Gruyere....down a quaint cobblestone street.  Stopping off in a chocolate shoppe or a cafe along the way and at one point on the way to the castle - you have to walk under a huge stone archway and upon exiting the archway in the midst of this truly medieval village is the truly bizarre HR Giger Museum????  It was like seeing Andy Warhol paintings in a cracker-barrel restaurant.  I never was able to quite connect Gruyeres with HR Giger other than he is from Switzerland.  By the way if you don't recognize his name or his  
work...He is the Oscar winning surrealist designer who did all the work for ALIEN among other movies.  They did not allow photos within the walls but it was one of most bizarre places I have ever seen as you might imagine!



Roan said...

After seeing the exterior, I can only imagine how bizarre the inside is.

J Cosmo Newbery said...


(I'm not a robot either).

DawnTreader said...

Wonderfully detailed photos as usual, Dan. I'll return to look closer at your recent (and upcoming) posts some other day, very busy just now (still sorting out the house after my dad and the time to finally sell getting closer).

Dan Felstead said... WAS truly bizarre!


Dan Felstead said... always...your comments are to the "point"


Dan Felstead said...

DawnTreader....Thanks for the comment. Hope all goes well with your dad's affairs. Not an easy job...I finished up with my dad's things not that long ago.