Saturday, September 1, 2012

Arrival....Colmar...1st Impressions

Our first day in this amazing town began at breakfast and lasted into the night.  It rained...back in Indiana a rainy day on vacation would be disappointing.  Here in Colmar we walked and talked all day, stopping at outdoor cafes, fresh vegetable markets and let history flood in as we explored the old city.  Rain was only an afterthought...actually it added a luster to the town...the wet cobblestone streets reflecting the colors of the buildings.  This town was made for walking, exploring, touching.  So much texture on the walls of the historic old buildings, so much texture in the culture....I couldn't walk this town without stopping now and then just to touch.  


ADRIAN said...

I admire the effort you have put into de-ghosting.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Beautiful place, beautifully captured.

Re the rain: someone once posed the question - why can't we view our own town as if we were tourists?

DawnTreader said...

Really wonderful mix of old and modern in these photos. Also love how you caught the wetness, especially in the first photo.

Dan Felstead said...

Adrian...I learned this technique while in Europe out of necessity! I knew I wanted to take HDR but as you know with three or more exposures on a tripod...if there is movement...the picture looks kind of funky. So I learned how to paste in layers without movement.


Dan Felstead said...

J...what a great idea! If we could learn to NOT take our surroundings for granted...I think we would appreciate our home towns much more.


Dan Felstead said...

DawnTreader....I love rain and clouds when I am taking pictures...they always add an extra mood to the image. You will see that throughout the often rained but it made for better my opinion.