Thursday, September 20, 2012

Providing Shelter after 500 Years

Aside from the obvious updates in the kitchen...the gite has stood for over 500 years and still provides shelter to travelers.  After the day's activities we would return "Home" and wonder how many past inhabitants our French Farm Cottage had held in her arms providing shelter, a home, possibly multiple generations over the centuries.  The bottom floor retains it's stone walls...the white stone of the Loire Valley.  I mention the white stone because as you travel south inFrance the stone gradually turns to a golden color due to the geologic forces at work.  But in this area, as we will see, even the legendary chateaus are built of this Loire white stone.  All the exposed timbers and foundation walls are original.  Upstairs, there was a window that fascinated me.  With the outside shutter closed to shield from the elements, we felt completely secure at night as we made our way to bed.  The white linen curtain gave a soft diffusion to the outside when the shutter was open and you could see for miles across the Loire valley.

With the view of the yard in the picture made it very easy to awake early to begin our next adventure.... visiting the Loire Valley.



ADRIAN said...

The fourth image is one of your best.
The last must have been shot on a windy day. What a great place to stay.

Dan Felstead said...

Adrian thanks for your kind words. I am curious as to what makes you think it was a windy day? I don't remember it being windy....are you speaking of the shot of the yard with the pump?