Wednesday, November 14, 2012

At Water's Edge

The Dordogne river flows through the lush valleys of the Dordogne region of France.  One of the best ways to see the valley is by water.  Along this water route you can see castle's perched on high cliff faces.  Often times there are opposing castle's built on each side of the river.  One by the British and one by the French, built during the 1400's - the 100 years war between England and France.

Often times the canoes float by as you watch.  This couple stopped long enough for a quick picnic and was visited by four of the local's.

The Dordogne is not very wide, nor is it very deep but it was a critical waterway during the middle ages in France.



shabby girl said...

As an American growing up on the CA coast, it's hard to even imagine a castle on either side of that river. Especially those built in the 1400's!

Dan Felstead said...

Shabbygirl...I felt the was hard for me to comprehend the age of everything around me. For me growing up in the midwest...I have always been sad when a 100 year old farmhouse was being torn down and all the history that went with it. To see these ageless structures left me in awe.